Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Work in Progress illustration of THIS guy, for my own pleasure as well as the 10th Age boxed set currently in production (Top-most picture is the latest): "Berenger of Lacmor, while blunt as his chosen weapon, means well and has made it his mission to do good works with as much grace and wisdom as he can muster. The son of a decadent serjeanty-tenured noble, Berenger (who is a severe boy and naturally weary beyond his years) soon grew tired of his sire’s dubious business dealings and, having said as much, was sent off to begin indoctrination at the nearest Avaunite temple. Here he excelled at service to the sun-goddess, the structure imposed by the Sunsworn a welcome change from his father’s hedonistic, rambunctious pimping."    Priests have ever been a staple of the AD&D adventuring party, well before the incessant squealing pleas of the World of Warcraft tots for "heals plz? heals plz? heals plz?" Want a good fantasy priest done right, look to the 10th Age entries on religion here: , or check out the AD&D setting, the Forgotten Realms.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Milean Dragon Watchtower, Step 1, and Goblin with Fur

Goblin Sailor Update: Now with fur!

The rough sketchup model that will serve as the foundation for the Dragon Watch-tower illustration. This is the first step. Next up, Photoshop!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

10th Age Illustrations

Here're some illustrations I'm doing for Josh Graboff's 10th Age RPG setting. You can, and should, check out Josh's writings about the setting and game theory in general over at .  I will post these as they come. Currently I'm working on a dragon watch-tower for the Milean Empire in this setting.